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Explore Limousin Dordogne and Charente

Peaceful lakes, rivers and woodland walks - leisure or action sports and activities - amazing architecture, historic buildings, museums and art galleries - You will find tourist information to satisfy everybody on this website.

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From Limoges, Perigueux and Angouleme, the regional capitals of Limousin, the Dordogne and Charente, to the thousands of tiny hamlets dotted around the landscape, there is a wide variety of villages - many Business as the most beautiful in South West France.

The culture of the region remains largely intact, still retaining old-fashioned courtesy and values. Village fetes and festivals abound, many of them dating back centuries and celebrating just about everything imaginable.

Lake ~ South West France

Lakes and Watersports

South West France is often referred to as the Lake District of France whilst Limousin is known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes Whether you are visiting Limousin or venturing into the Dordogne or Charente, you will never be far from water.

Fishing ~ South West France

Outdoor Activities

If you love the great outdoors you will certainly love South West France. With hills and valleys, woods and forests, nature trails and gorges; there are plenty of outdoor actvities in Limousin, Charente and Dordogne to suit every age and taste.

Steam Train ~ Limoges, Limousin

Adventure Parks

Would you like to swing through the trees like Tarzan? Perhaps you would like to spy on a monkey or zoom in on an insect?
There are hundreds of animal, theme and adventure parks in South West France to choose from.

Limoges, Perigueux, Angouleme

Capital Cities

Limoges, Perigueux and Angouleme are great cities offering everything for the modern shopper. For the culture lover, art galleries, museums and magnificent architecture can be readily found in these cosmopolitan cities.

Brantome Abbey ~ Dordogne

Towns and Villages

Explore the many tiny hamlets around Limousin, Dordogne and Charente and discover some of the most beautiful villages of South West France with ancient architecture, street cafes and traditional french markets.

Chateau Montbrun ~ Limousin

History and Culture

Historical monuments are abundant, some dating as far back as prehistoric times. Whether your interest is ancient caves, the romans, the great wars or chateaux and churches you will find plenty of places to visit around South West France.

Mediaeval Festival Rochechouart, Limousin

Fetes and Festivals

From local night markets and seasonal village fetes, to grand medieval celebrations and week-long music festivals; there is something for everyone in Charente, Limousin and Dordogne, South West France.

Whilst we have included many sites, sights and events that we are familiar with in our tourist information pages, there are surely many wonderful attractions that we have over-looked. If you would like us to include a noteable town or village, historical monument, chateau or family attraction, please Contact Us with the details and a photo and we will add them to the relevant page.